"We ordered a set of rollers from you in the spring and we love them! We love your pricing, and great customer service as well!"
Tracy Lach, Twenty-First Century Press, Buffalo, NY

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We fit MBO, Stahl, Baum, H&H, McCain, Pitney Bowes, Shoei, Challenger, Faltex folders, and more.

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We manufacture folder parts, specializing in folder rollers with high performance soft urethane for maximum productivity, segmented gluing rollers, and vacuum wheels, for all makes of OEM buckle folders. Restore your buckle folder fold rollers using our Recovery/Core Exchange program for folder rollers and vacuum wheels. We can also convert any buckle folder fold roller to have 'spiral grip'. All folder rollers are available in 'high grip' urethane for aqueous stock. We replace your old urethane using a heat bond process of 90 durometer Uniroyal urethane, which is an exact match to all OEM buckle folder rollers.

  Folder Roller Recovery--$100.00
Roller Recovery orders of three or more are $100 per roller otherwise, $130 per roller. Any standard size up to 26". Folder fold roller recovery, of rollers from any of these OEMs: MBO, Stahl, Baum, Challenger, Shoie, Faltex ...More
  MBO-Style Fold Rollers
We have replacement Buckle fold rollers for all sizes of MBO-Style models in stock. ...More
  Stahl-Style Fold Rollers
We machine new or refurbish all Stahl-Style folder fold rollers to OEM specifications. Our Combo folder rollers run true with the bearings to give you the same superior gripping power as the OEM. ...More
  Baum-Style Fold Rollers
We manufacture new and recovered folder rollers to fit folding machines by Baum, MBM, Shoei, and Faltex. We now offer core exchange for the Baum 20-20 folder roller.Convert your combo folder rollers to have spiral gripping power. Please read the PRINTWEEK.COM article comparison between MBO and combo and other segmented rollers. ...More
  Segmented Gluing Rollers
We manufacture segmented gluing rollers for all makes of Buckle Folding Machines with the same reliability as the OEM. All models of segmented gluing rollers are adjustable using a set screw ...More
  Vacuum Wheels
We manufacture Stahl- or MBO-style vacuum wheel models to OEM specifications for core exchange. ...More
  Folder Parts for MBO and Stahl Folding Machines
Ask us about the MBO Folder Parts and Stahl Folder Parts you need including bearings and belts, Transport Collars, Ball Cups, Trim Rings, Blade Holders, Slitter Shafts, Collar Knives ...More