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How to Promote Printing Without Talking About Printing?

SAN FRANCISCO--September 16, 2016--Many printers face the dilemma of being labeled as "just printers." The general public associates "printing" with a desktop laser or inkjet printer. They're clueless about commercial printing. This is not going to change. And those ridiculous marketing messages encouraging us to "save a tree and go paperless" are everywhere. They're not helping educate people about the medium, the magic and the value of print. On top of that, every one of us has a cornucopia of digital means of communication to choose from. We're all using them. And many are free. These realities make it difficult to talk about print as the channel of choice for marketers and other business people. -- Margie Dana, Visual Media Digest Online

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Print Service Providers Share Concerns About the 'Cloud'

June 11, 2015--I spoke recently at a user group meeting composed largely of commercial printers when the topic of the 'Cloud' came up. I was a bit surprised to hear a very high level of suspicion. I asked the audience: "Who is excited about the opportunities presented by the Cloud?" Two hands went up. "Who's not?" About half the audience raised their hands. Multiple questions were put forward about data security, possible integration issues, and overall viability. The bad vibes were much stronger than I anticipated. Jim Hamilton, Printing Impressions

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Heidelberg Reveals New Stahlfolder

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY --March 5, 2015--Following the successful launch of the Stahlfolder BH/CH series one year ago, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is adding a further folding model to its portfolio. The Stahlfolder CH 56 KT auto folding machine will be available worldwide from April 2015. The machine has been specially designed to enable customers to achieve the best possible folding results for flyers in 50x70 format.

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Recover, Don't Regrind Your Folder Rollers

We have been asked hundreds of times over the years if we "regrind" rollers. The answer is no, definitely not. But we know that some bindery supply companies promote regrinding as an alternative to purchasing new rollers, or a less expensive way to "recondition" a used roller. We explain why we suggest you think twice about regrinding.

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